May 26, 2013


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours of operation?

Hours may be different according to each restaurant’s hours of operation. However, Wright Away Delivery’s  hours of operation are from 4-8pm Wednesday through Saturday and 4-7 pm Sunday and Monday.  We are currently closed on Tuesdays.  As a general rule, it is best to try to place your order at least 20 minutes before the We and the restaurant’s close for the evening as some restaurants will already have orders ahead of yours and may not have time to get to your order before they close.

How much is your delivery fee?

We charge $6.0 in Port Townsend city limits (Zone 1), $11.00 to deliver to Cape George to Firehouse (Zone 2) and $22.00 to Zone 3 Cape George past the Firehouse to Adelma Beach and Chevy chase Cabins.

Do you charge extra for the food from your restaurants?

No, We have the same menu items with the same prices as the restaurant charges, we do not up-sell the restaurant food.

Time frame to receive my food?

Depending on the restaurant and time of evening, your order may take 30-60 minutes in Zone 1 and 40-90 minutes in Zone 2. ( longer wait times in all zones on busier nights and holiday weekends.)  These time variations are based on the kitchen, not the delivery service. Your food does not sit at the restaurant waiting to be picked up. ** Please try to order your food 20 minutes before the restaurant closes so we can get your order in before they start shutting down the kitchen.

My order is missing something. Why didn’t the driver check the order?

For food safety and quality control reasons, our drivers are not allowed to physically inspect your order when they pick it up. They are, however, required to check your order summary against the ticket at the restaurant. This ensures that your food is not unnecessarily handled between the time the restaurant prepares and packages it and the time we deliver it to you.  Of course we do our best to make sure that your order is correct, but we are only human and sometimes mistakes are made. If something from your order is missing, we will go back and get it if possible. You also have the option of having the missing item removed from your bill. The choice is yours.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Call us right away or email us to let us know and we can try to catch it, but Once your order is placed with the restaurant there is no way to cancel it.  As soon as we put in the order the restaurants begin work on your meal. You are financially responsible for your order as soon as an order is completed.

What if I need to order from more than one restaurant?

Delivery fees are $5 for each restaurant you order from. Each additional restaurant you add to your order is an additional $5.00 delivery fee. We recommend keeping the number of restaurants to 3 or less so that your food can arrive in a reasonable amount of time and still be warm. Please consider that there will be longer delivery times when you order from more than one restaurant.

Is there a minimum amount of food I must order?

The minimum order is $10 in Zone 1 and $20 in Zone 2 and 3

Do I need to tip the drivers?

We strongly recommend tipping your delivery driver if they have provided good service. Drivers are just like waiters in a restaurant; they work for tips. If you have received poor service, please don’t take it out on your delivery driver! Please call the office or send us an email so that we may correct the problem. There is a automatic %20 tip added to orders of 8 people or more.

What are some basic tipping guidelines:

General consensus for tipping delivery drivers is a minimum of 15%,  20% or 25% is recommended for excellent, timely service. Our Drivers are acting as a waitperson and driving your order.  Drivers remember a good tip!

Who can I contact if I have a problem?

If you have any problems or general concerns, please email Laurie McClave at or call our number (360) 385-2929, and kindly leave a message on voicemail if we are unable to answer.

I am a restaurant owner How do I start working with Wright Away Delivery?

We would love to discuss the possibility of working with you! Please contact us at We will contact you as quickly as possible.

Can I order from a restaurant that is not on the list?

No. We only deliver from our participating restaurants. However, If you have a favorite restaurant that does not participate with our delivery service, contact them and let them give us a call!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and these major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Please note, There is a $30.00 fee on all returned checks.

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