September 29, 2016

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant


Chef  Ly and his wife Nu Luong opened Shanghai Chinese Restaurant in it’s Point Hudson waterfront location in December of 1986.  Chef  Ly had worked as a chef in his native Vietnam before coming to the United States.  After cooking in other Chinese restaurants in  Seattle and the Puget Sound for years,  the opportunity to own  his own restaurant brought Chef Ly and his family to Port Townsend.  When they became old enough,  sons Kien and Jason joined their parents and the restaurant grew as a family business.  From a young age,  Jason’s strong interest in cooking grew over the years as he learned from his father and dabbled in culinary education while working as a Chef in multiple restaurants.   After retiring in October 2016,  Chef Ly and Nu left the restaurant under the ownership of their son Jason,  his wife Cassidy,  and their expanding family.  We thank our many customers for the restaurant’s  success over the past 30 years,  and welcome you to continue to enjoy lunch and dinner over the next 30 years!

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Shanghai Family Style Dinner

Family style dinners come with appetizer, soup, entree and rice. click on items for a detailed description